COVID-19 : We are Open with Some Extra Precautions!

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As society learns more about the spread of the virus, equipment like gloves & masks becomes more available, real estate has been added to the list of essential businesses, and time has passed to slow the spread, we have resumed inspection operations with some additional precautions.

In an effort to reduce the risk of our own exposure or transmission to others, we are following guidelines to minimize our time in close contact with others including home buyers, sellers, agents, and/or tenants. We have also completed the “COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors and Contractors Course” course from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

  1. A daily health check is performed for all inspectors which includes an absence of any form of illness and/or fever.
  2. We ask that we be notified if anyone currently living in the home or attending the inspection has tested positive or been in contact with a person who has been confirmed positive with COVID-19. They will be asked not to attend or the inspection will be rescheduled.
  3. For rental property inspections, we ask that tenants not be present. A single representative of the landlord or property manager can attend if there is no lock-box access. A face mask is requested.
  4. For real estate transactions, home sellers and the agents on either side should not be present. One representative for the buyer is welcome to attend while maintaining their distance from the inspector but is encouraged to arrive near the end of the inspection to receive a summary and see important items. A face mask is requested.
  5. We are more than happy to communicate with clients via phone and/or video to discuss the inspection findings while still at the house or prior to or after sending the completed digital report.
  6. We will refrain from touching any item that is not directly included in the inspection process.
  7. Additional precautions are being taken such as wearing gloves, masks, and booties as well as additional hand-washing and sanitizing of equipment.

The health and safety of our staff and their young families, our clients and their families, the occupants of the homes we inspect, and the community remain paramount to us. Thank you to all of our clients and partners for your continued understanding during this pandemic.