Home Inspections

For our rental inspection services, please see out Rental Inspections page. The information below details our home inspection services for property buyers.

A home inspection is a detailed visual evaluation of the function and safety of a dwelling that is typically done within a 7-10 day window once a house is under contract. The home inspection is guided by both a Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

A typical home inspection takes 2-3 hours and starts with the roof and exterior. We then work to inspect the inside of the home from top to bottom looking at everything from the structure, heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems to doors, windows, and more. Much like getting a physical from a primary care doctor, if issues are found a recommendation will be made for a specialist (like a plumber or an electrician) to evaluate further or make needed repairs. Check out our photo gallery to see examples of issues we have found.

A custom electronic home inspection report with detailed pictures and comments will be sent to the client and agent in less than 24 hours (often same-day). An interactive sample report is available. All inspections include supplemental information about material & system types, maintenance recommendations, and life expectancy chart for most components of a house.

If you are selling a home, consider reading our Seller’s Pre-Inspection Checklist or having a pre-inspection performed by us.


$295+ for condos and $395+ for most row homes or smaller single family homes in the Baltimore area. Pricing is customized based on the age, total square footage, travel distance, and other factors including crawlspaces, other buildings on the property, etc. Payment is due prior to the start of the inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Home Inspections

What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is an visual examination of the condition of a property to seek out items not functioning as designed or items that could affect health and safety of new occupants.

Do I have to have a home inspection?
In most cases, you actually don’t have to unless required by a lender. However, it is important to consider the risk while balancing about 1/1000th of the home purchase cost to have a professional give the house an evaluation.

Can a house fail a home inspection?
No – as a home inspector we can’t pass or fail a property. Instead, the report generated will provide insight into systems or items that may need repair, replacement, or further evaluation by a specialist. It is does not enforce codes (on behalf of a County or City) and it is not an an appraisal (which determines market value for the mortgage company).

Should I (the home buyer) attend the home inspection?
Absolutely. All buyers (especially first timers) and their agents are encouraged to attend if possible. In addition to seeing defects first-hand, we will take time to explain the location, purpose, operation, and maintenance of the different systems in the home. We do ask that other family members, children, pets, and “uncle Bob the handyman” come during another visit so we can focus on our work.

Should I (the home seller) attend the inspection?
No, although it is your home, we kindly ask that you and any family/pets vacate the property for the inspection to allow us to perform our work without distraction, argument, attempting repairs of items we find, etc.

What does a home inspection report look like?
A detailed report with pictures and comments (see a Sample Inspection Report) is sent electronically within 24 hours.

What does a home inspection include?
A home inspection includes a functional and safety evaluation of visible and accessible systems and components on the exterior and interior of the house using normal operating controls. Most inspections also don’t cover specialized or environmental issues like termites, chimney flues, mold, asbestos, etc. but we may point those out for further evaluation. The Maryland Standards of Practice covers our scope of work.

I found another inspector who is cheaper and/or faster, will you match their pricing or appointment window?
No, unfortunately a lot of other inspectors who may be cheaper are often new, un-insured, un-licensed, are not a member of a professional association, skip continuing education, or are having trouble finding customers. The inspector you choose should have an established website with their qualifications, memberships, reviews, and other information.

Can you do a home inspection if my real estate agent can’t attend?
Yes, we carry a SentriLock Card for easy access if a real estate agent is not available.